Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That's what she said...

Journalism is...

After sending my first article to my editor, she sent it back with preliminary editing suggestions. "We only use 'said.'" Only use said? You mean to tell me I can't say explained, asked, or even stated? I can only use "said"?

This was a tiny little stab to my creative writing heart. But I made the changes, and yesterday the editor-in-chief rewarded me for having one of the most well-written articles in the paper this week.

Do I feel accomplished? Do I feel satisfied? I'll get back to you on that. I'm still adjusting to my limited verb allowance.

But you can read all of my articles from the Scroll here if you scroll down to the blog.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What am I doing?

Here it is, my blog that's all about being a creative writer, but realizing I can't live off that and trying to figure out some other form of manipulating the English language that will make me happy and make me money, because as Orwell so deftly wrote: "Money writes books, money sells them."

I always knew that there was a very small chance I could make a living from writing books. Regardless, I chose to complete my undregraduate degree in creative writing, and as for money...I'd figure that out at some point.

Then I had an academic paper accepted to the National Undergraduate Literature Conference held annually at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. "People want to read academic papers? Is this profitable?" I thought. Maybe. That's when I started considering other writing options.

Shortly after that, I had the opportunity to edit a book for an author (Jay Jarvie) who was self-publishing. And I loved it. I've spent loads of time at college editing papers for my roommates and friends, and enjoyed it, but suddenly it occured to me that I could probably do that for a long time without getting bored. As a result of this editing experience, I am taking one extra semester of undergraduate studies in order to take some editing classes.

I've also been considering journalism for a long time. This stems mostly from my love of movies, and the inkling of becoming a movie critic. So this semester I am writing for my school's newspaper, The Scroll, in the sports section.
So this blog will be all about me figuring out just what the professional writing world can offer me, and how I hold on to my creative side while I adjust to the professional side. I'll explore editing and journalism and whatever else comes my way. This blog is for anyone else facing the same dilemma of trying to fit into the professional world, when all they really want to do is invent a world of their own.

I'm trying on the professional writing world. Seeing if it fits. After all, I do enjoy wearing slacks.