Friday, February 12, 2010

I am Beautiful.

I work as a figure model on campus for the art students. Most people my size would be terrified to pose nearly naked (not completely as this is a religious university), but I actually find it refreshing, invigorating, and fun.

Today one of the artists told me as she left: "You have so many great curves. I had fun drawing you. Your body is beautiful."

Personally, I absolutely love my curves, and so do the art students. Yes, I carry extra weight, but my body is just how I like it. Flexible, soft, radiant...I love it.

The faculty advisor for Scroll is always telling us to carry a camera around just in case we find a great image or a great story. There have been a few occasions already this semester in which someone on the newspaper or the university's news channel has captured a story just because they have been passing by and had a camera with them.

The point of this is that sometimes there is beauty or a story in something that is unexpected. Whether you are a journalist, professional or creative writer, if you open your eyes a little more you will find something you can write about, and it can be inspiring.

I think writers hear this a lot, but I think it takes a lot of practice to be inspired by any random passing object (unless you are in Europe). Creative Writing Corner often has blog posts of random pictures that could inspire stories. But often people watching or going to nature will do the trick (yes, I'm a Romantic).


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