Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm not a woman to throw words to the wind...

I just read this most useful blog: Words and Writing Ideas by Melissa Donovan. She talks about a book she is reading, which encourages writers to go back to the roots of writing and bulk up their vocabulary.

Melissa gave a lot of good tips (that she got from the book) about collecting words. I'll just quickly go over the main points:

  • Listen for words in every day places: conversation, TV, reading, songs, and even from objects (Melissa gives the example of car parts).
  • Don't just think about words' meanings, but also consider their rhythm and sounds.
  • Carry a pen and notebook around. Write down words as soon as you hear them so you don't forget.
  • Also cut words out of magazines or newspapers. The colors and fonts can enhance the emotion or meaning of the words.
  • Use the words. Use them as soon as you can in conversation or writing. They will stick with you longer.
  • You can also use words to inspire new writing ideas. Pull out a few words and force yourself to write something that makes sense using all those words.
I love words. They are the building blocks of my life. My friends have always made fun of me for using long words in regular conversation...but that's the beauty of words. If I know the right words, I can precisely express my thoughts, so the meaning is clear and simple. It is a beautiful thing when the right word is chosen.


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