Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To grad school, or not to grad school?

Yesterday I was talking with my psychology professor, and he began asking me about my plans for after graduation (in four months!). He asked about grad school, and I told him I'd thought about it, but hadn't decided on anything, and would most definitely be taking a bit of a break between receiving a bachelor's degree and entering grad school.

This morning, I read a good blog post from the Creative Writing Corner (always a favorite) about the decision to go to grad school for an MFA. She said "it takes a big commitment to go for any kind of higher education."

What are the benefits of going to grad school in creative writing?
  1. You can teach at a university level.
  2. You will become a better writer.
  3. It's easier to be recognized.
Those three reasons alone I think are good enough to stir a desire to go to grad school. So why wouldn't a person choose to go?

I believe it is because of that big "C" word: commitment. A commitment of time, money, energy, and brain power seems quite overwhelming, at least to me. I'm barely making it through school right now, and the thought a tacking couple of years on to that sounds like suicide.

Grad school is most definitely a worthy pursuit. I imagine I will make that pursuit someday. First I have to make sure I will make it through my undergrad.


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